Let's Get It Done!

Weekly mastermind for those working on being more productive.

Overcome your self sabotage

Improve your performance with a process to stay focused

Build your community- Your operations team and super fans. 

Connect to resources and special offers.

Be accountable and get more done. 

How Do You Participate?

Complete a weekly report form with three questions.

(15 minutes)

We meet weekly to discuss your answers in small groups of up to six. The virtual 3P Mastermind Room will be open three times each week. You can attend one or all of them as a member.

During the session you can meet with the group

OR use it as a scheduled time to complete

the three things on your plan.

(1-3 hours each meeting- Your choice)

Practice 15 imperfect minutes per day working on the

three things on your plan.

The 3P Online Community Space.

Is open 24/7 so you can get to know other members of the group in between sessions, ask for help, or share your report if you missed all the meetings that week. Spend as much time here as you would like.

What Is A Realistic Time Frame to Complete What You Have In Mind?

Choose the right one for your project and get started.

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