Collaborate with other

Business Owners

Every Wednesday at Noon-1pm

at St. Johns River State College Orange Park

283 College Dr., Orange Park, FL 32065

Building A Room 0074

In this meeting you will have one minute to talk about your business or anything else you want to promote.

You will be in front of a live stream camera as you do it. There are members in the group that can help you to quickly cut out your one minute elevator speech from the replay video so you can use it on your social media pages.

You could have a new video every week on your social media pages.

This is also a great way to capture video testimonials.

Along the way you will learn more about live streaming and the tools and platforms you can use to achieve your marketing goals for your business.

You may even discover a new revenue stream just by spending time creating content that promotes your brand.

Find out what else you can learn through our collaboration.

Sign up to teach something, with the ability to use space on the St. Johns River State campuses or a team to help you stream.

Come early and get lunch from Building V. Let Sheena at Rolling Stoves know you are here for the collaboration and get a discount on your lunch.

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